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Sky Gardening Sky Gardening

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SourJovis responds:

That's quite a compliment you made a song inspired by my artwork!

Seeking solace Seeking solace

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Nice colors and such.. only thing I don't like is that you can see how thick the brush was. Still really professional!

P-cate responds:

thank you!, and yeah, i painted this really quick xD;;, so i didn't pay much attention to details

Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong

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WTF I thought that was a photo! :O amazing!

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We'reDoneWhenISayWe'reDone We'reDoneWhenISayWe'reDone

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That's Pyro's true face

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Bowser Bowser

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Looks like the realistic rageface :D

1-up 1-up

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Too many mushrooms mario, I warned you!

Autumn Guard idle Autumn Guard idle

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I was just gonna write that this should be a mob of maple story

Oh, Pierrot! Oh, Pierrot!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


another senseless drawing with the intention to be interpretated... i think that's lame.. that idea..
but it was drawed quite good

Luxembourg responds:

It's an art trade; I drew it with the intent to draw my friend's character as I wanted to, and to break in my new tablet. I never once had any intent for it to appear "deep" or "meaningful". I never once said that I had any intent of the sort, so don't act like I was trying to make it look like that.
It goes for the record, as well, that I'm offended that you would call this "senseless". Too many people think that art has to have some sort of hidden meaning to be art, but I feel that art simply has to use imagination to be art. If I'm expressing the moods and ideas of my mind, that should be good enough for people. This has emotion, it has effort, it has imagination, it serves a purpose. It's not "senseless." I can take all kinds of criticism, and I have in the past, but you're defining my art without any idea what you're talking about, and that just upsets me.
Thanks for the comment, anyways. Glad you like the quality of the drawing, if not the subject matter itself.

You never win at tetris You never win at tetris

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Man firstly the picture is awesome.. but when i saw the title it made me interpretate crazy stuff xD hah so funny

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Little Sakura Little Sakura

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the pussy is weird but hot, i got an erection... youpo........ .... .. .can't resis.......t.. Ok bye.