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well it did probably take a lot of effort but it isnt the funniest XD
anyway i liked it :P

OrangePylon responds:

...So a 10? If you didn't think it was funny, it's fine to knock points off your review and tell me what you didn't like rather than just giving everything that didn't piss you off a 10. :/


ajajaj muy gracioso.. la pura verdad
te dare un 5 =P

Darkar responds:

Gracias! :)


well you know what we think about this but,
why a long spam comment? do the words work like tags?

vk3fgcp responds:

who says it is spam, It is just a definition of the subject. Yes, they probably work as tags, but that was not the intention.


I can't believe this took you months >,<
Hah no just kidding =p
the only reason i'm giving you 10/10 points is because i'm addicted to coffee and i take about 4 expressos daily.. (lol!!!!)

cellphonebill responds:

Yay! I'm glad to meet a fellow addict-ee.
Thank you for your feedback and I hoped you liked it x-)

I Loled

This animation is just great, how bad it was a bit too short xD
Anyway I loved it and you're making lotta people get loled,
hope you do some more =3

The-Red-Jack responds:

Thanks, I'm just too lazy to make a new one


Jajajjajj muuuy divertido y buenas voces =333!!
5/5 y 9999/10

Darkar responds:

Gracias! n_n


Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I almost cried....
this is the best stickmen fight ever.. seriously!!!
That yoyo idea was amazing... JUST AWESOME T_T
I even liked that they fought for fun, not really to kill each other.. omggg
IDOL!!!! T_T

Hyun1990 responds:

;___; thank you


Muy buena animacion,
pero es muy triste y siempre lo mismo. No hace mucho sentido.

gusana responds:

muy triste? aaaaaaaaah si ya se... no agarro otro tema mas q mi novio... sq si deporsi me da flojera animar entonces es como mi inspiracion


Does this story even make a sense? XD

vdorod responds:



It's just the best pixeled and real life fight - animation i've ever seen.
I wonder why it is rated that bad.

Catsup-Group responds:

Well, I think that not many people have played KOF 98, so they don't get this movie as a fan of KOF would...

Anyway, thanks for the review, be sure to check out the others I've made.

Games dont make people violent, lag does.


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