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muy muy bien hecho y bastante divertido, te felicito., y aguante el halo :D


uuuum it was so good but the end was typical.. it's always the same.. i bet you just didnt want to keep on. but it's great! anyway 5/5


i hate this way people like you animate, they can draw a bit (or copy) but not animate. the voices are lame and it is way too unfunny

wynand responds:

yeah i'm not a big fan of flat poorly animated cartoons either, but there was a deadline i had to make, 3 days..

but excuses aside, your only submision to newgrounds is done in an even cruder, flater style.. with minimal animation, and contains about 5 drawings
So your saying you hate the way people like yourself animate? lol

Bisons ass was drawn and animated to a higher quality than your entire online portfolio.
I've had a look at your drawings but from what i can see youve got a long way to go, you seem to copy and don't seem to grasp any drawing techniques.. and overuse simple photoshop filters, think its about time you bought yourself a sketchbook and start drawing, if you draw everyday.. you'l get somwhere eventually... goodluck i guess...
ps. get away from anime.. its eats your personal style..

if you look closly at my street fighter characters, they arn't "copys" of their original counter parts, more to the point of caricatured version of them.. they where originaly sketched on paper and scaned.

instead of leaving pointles reviews how about giving some actual feedback on the actual cartoon, but instead of giving advice.. (or an honest rating) you just jaber on about how you hate the flat cartoon style.. and how people like me animate... which is quite sad since you don't seem to be anywhere drawing or animationwise... least i've got somwhere to build from.. your still in the dark..



sasuke isnt the main character, naruto is


HAHAHAHHA omfg i had to laught out loud so damn hard when the grandpa heart that bingo... these grandpas playing bingo xD hAHHAHA lol


it's just too unfunny,
the animation is random


what a nonsense way to make people laught T_T


awesome animation and damn funny xD
one thing: the scene select thing is perfect because meanwhile i had to poop so i "paused" it :P

quite funny

what i expected from this video was a photo of a place taken 360° where you can rotate the camera.
but i really liked this one, especially the quality of the pics

Bobo-boy responds:

oke thanks !!



but... cover the loader with something transparent, it makes it more professional xD... so you don't see that weird mouse text thing

Emptygoddess responds:

mouse text thing? I would if i knew what you were talking about.

Games dont make people violent, lag does.


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