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All dose nerds reviewing wif tons of words. Just be direct and say it's funny but just fokin crappy.

FleetAdmiralTony responds:

not sure if srs

Sometimes I wonder if people on NG smoke something more than just weed.

Brewster responds:

Woah nice drug joke man gooood one!!

The girl so hot..
really nice animations but repetive. Song is nice!

chaosphoenix88 responds:

Haha. Thanks man. I try to give them personality and the vid was just a little something to add to the music.

Isn't that maple story music?

ExplodingDuckBrigade responds:

I don't think so. I got it from Kevin Macleod who shares the music he makes online and lets other people use it for their stuff without copyright.

This gives me a minecraft feeling for some reason. The nice piano music, the colourful and nice ambient, the world.

tommykong95 responds:

Thank you for your feedback.

I really like the animation but... what's wrong with most Newgrounders? They make perfect animations but really suck at voice acting. Whether the microphone sucks or they just exaggerate too much. I think flash animations can't be really seriously unless you're really really good at producing animations, having a good storyline etc. The sounds are really good, but the voice doesn't fit at all. I think that just ruins most of the animations here on NG. That's why I mostly prefere animations without voices. I'm still impressed.

kmau responds:

I think many of us newgrounders worry more about how the voice fits the character rather than overall mic quality. I received some auditions from people with flawless mics but in the end I chose VAs whose voices suited the characters better because sound quality is more easy to alter than the talent of the voice actor.


Honestly... this is very typical... Apocalypse, only one survived, that eye is kinda copied from Portal2 or something else, you just can't make serious animations with flash.. in the end it isn't scary even a bit or interesting.
the story is.. boring. it makes no sense.. if you want to create a good manga or anime you have to be very professional... those japanese animators are actually freaks that do nothing else than animating.. seriously

JMartin97 responds:

I made these characters and even animations before Portal 2, which I haven't actually played (im broke :D). You're too cynical... everyone has to start somewhere....


really amazing...awesome concept

jackbliss responds:

Thank you sandordude. Your username is just like your review score... PERFECT! :D


buenisimo xD sos boliviano no?

martiescageda responds:

Soy mexicano, del norte... Pensé que el acento de los personajes se distinguía muy fácil...


man the last part was somehow funny xD
the face from that guy hahhahaa.....
perfect voices!!!

Stampini responds:

Thanks for the response. Glad you liked it. Was the sound loud enough?

Games dont make people violent, lag does.


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