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Nice animation etc.
whats the name of the last song?

I didn't know that it is possible to animate being on drugs.

First impression: Hey thats mugen :0 Nice animations!

I'm not one of those review freaks. But I'd really like to say sth here. I think you put a lot of effort into this, but as Kieroman mentioned I think you should've worked on the walking-running cycle and on the way he holds his weapon. Also @ 1:24 that column moves a bit weird. Not sure if it was your intention or it just looks weird. But nvm that. And in my opinion everything is a bit too square. You can see that your maps consist of a lot of smaller objects that all put together build the world- I really liked the sounds and the soundtracks. In general I think it's amazing.. you should definitely continue working on this masterpiece :)

Ahah this made my day! Thank you :D

I really like the animation but... what's wrong with most Newgrounders? They make perfect animations but really suck at voice acting. Whether the microphone sucks or they just exaggerate too much. I think flash animations can't be really seriously unless you're really really good at producing animations, having a good storyline etc. The sounds are really good, but the voice doesn't fit at all. I think that just ruins most of the animations here on NG. That's why I mostly prefere animations without voices. I'm still impressed.

kmau responds:

I think many of us newgrounders worry more about how the voice fits the character rather than overall mic quality. I received some auditions from people with flawless mics but in the end I chose VAs whose voices suited the characters better because sound quality is more easy to alter than the talent of the voice actor.

Verry helpful thx verry much im really glad u teached me how to make a cartoon.. okbb have to go to rob a bank

Oh shit it must have taken ages to write the script!
I really liked this small 'special' episode.. made the whole story more real.

This reminds me of louise burgeois.. it almost has no point. Quite weird but funny on its own.

Oh i see.. B... the brown note.

Games dont make people violent, lag does.


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